Interdisciplinary Workshops

The CCSB has held two interdisciplinary, interactive workshops in cancer systems biology. The goal of these workshops was to bring together clinicians, biologists, mathematicians, and computer scientists to develop multidisciplinary strategies and comprehensive approaches for addressing pressing needs in cancer development and treatment and to devise models of cancer as a system.

Workshop topics were presented and discussed in morning keynote lectures by clinicians, biologists, and mathematicians. Breakout working groups were held in the afternoon, where workshop participants discussed Cancer Systems Biology problems with the keynote speakers and developed novel mathematical/computational models.

The workshop series was part of the Center of Cancer Systems Biology (CCSB) outreach and education effort funded by the National Cancer Institute's Integrative Cancer Biology Program (ICBP).

List of previous workshops:

Metronomics_workshop Systems Biology of Tumor Metronomics: Timing and Dose Level Dynamics
July 17–20, 2012
Tufts University Medford Campus, Boston
Tumor_Dormancy_workshop Systems Biology of Tumor Dormancy
July 25–28, 2011
St. Elizabeth's Medical Center, Boston