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The first annual CCSB workshop brought together clinicians, biologists, mathematicians, and computer scientists to discuss various aspects of tumor dormancy. Specific topics included the angiogenic switch, immune system interactions, cancer stem cells and signaling.

Each workshop topic was discussed in morning keynote lectures by a clinician, a biologist, and a mathematician. Breakout working groups were held in the afternoon, where workshop participants discussed current problems related to tumor dormancy with the keynote speakers and developed novel mathematical/computational models.

This workshop was part of the Center of Cancer Systems Biology (CCSB) outreach and education effort funded by the National Cancer Institute's Integrative Cancer Biology Program (ICBP). The CCSB, based in Boston, Massachusetts, brings together diverse researchers to better understand the molecular and tissue-level events underlying the evolution and progression of cancer. The team of lab investigators and research staff assembled at the CCSB is working to develop novel quantitative and qualitative approaches to the problem of cancer, both at the molecular and at the systems level.

Dr. Lynn Hlatky, Director
Dr. Nava Almog and Dr. Heiko Enderling, Workshop Co-Chairs

Organizing Committee: Cassie Enayo, Julia Fox, Melissa Klumpar, Clare Lamont, Glenn Stern