Lynn Hlatky, PhD

Center of Cancer Systems Biology

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Lynn Hlatky is the founding director of the Center of Cancer Systems Biology. Prior to founding the Center, she was at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and in the Department of Radiation Oncology at Harvard Medical School. The mission of the Center of Cancer Systems Biology (CCSB) is based on the appreciation that carcinogenesis evolves at multiple levels ranging from molecular signalings to cellular and tissue interactions, and that only by their concerted study can the entire process be understood and translated into advances in clinical treatment and the development of novel therapies. Accordingly, the CCSB incorporates researchers with expertise in clinical oncology, cancer biology, molecular biology, radiobiology, bioengineering, mathematics, physics and engineering, chemistry, and computational biology.

Dr. Hlatky has also directed three major federal program grants from different national agencies:

In addition, CCSB investigators have collaborated with Dr. Ingolf Tuerk on a translational prostate cancer study, the goal of which is to improve understanding of the characteristics that distinguish different stages of prostate cancer and associated patient prognosis.

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